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Recycling is a good thing for Earth!

It is amazing when driving through neighborhoods before trash day and see what people throw away. We are, wasteful. I do try to do may part with anything I don’t want or need to give to thrift stores, consignment shops, or reuse/re-purpose. I saw these


made from jeans, over at Craft. They were made by Betz White. Betz is very talented on re-purposing, just check out her new book, Sewing Green



I think I will see how many recycle projects I can find and re post them in this thread. Will be interesting, don’t cha think???? Ok I’ll see what I can find.

WELLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!! I can’t believe what I found. I had started this post and every day stuff got in the way that day so I had to save it as a draft. Wanting to find some good recycle stuff to share, the first search, and this is what I found a ton of stuff….

I really do like this and I think it would be even more interesting if it has cute sayings, or places on the shirts.







I can’t believe I found this one….a site that will send you rescue vintage patterns for shipping ONLY!

This is a very sleek, classy outfit.











You won’t be alone in making these!!!!

Not only are you recycling but these are cute.

Can you guess what these are made of???? Old vintage sheets…Star Wars. I love em.

Check them out and the pattern and directions over at Craftstylish. I always love going there because they have some pretty nifty ideas and can think outside the box, which makes life much more interesting.


What to do with those plastic bags?????


This gal has a great idea on what to do with the almost 500 billion to 1 trillion plastic bags that are consumed worldwide each year……I had no idea.

Take a look at Cristen’s blog and see what she is doing with all of them. She not only is selling them she is teaching others what to do with them. Creating, saving, selling, and sharing.

Links for other things to make with your recycled plastic bags.

Crochet Pattern

bag hat

Passion for Fashion

Nezumi World


My Recycled Bags

Check out Cindy’s blog, my recycled bags, who also is a cancer survivor.


plastic bag holder

Over at Kollegiate Hooker I saw where she had crocheted a tube to hold their plastic bags..what about using the bags themselves???? Her idea sparked an idea to share with ya’ll…now to do one.


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