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Want to decorate your sewing room????

Use old patterns to make a flower arrangement for your sewing room….

This would be such a great idea for a sewing room…take a small table, glue measuring sticks to the top, sit in a corner with this cute vase pattern with a couple of sewing books. idea from my friend Sue, would be to purchase some old patterns and put them in black and white frames to hang on the wall. What a cute sewing room that would be. You could find some old wooden spools and glue them to a flat board to hang items on like your jacket etc. I am on a roll here….one more..take ribbon and glue different sized and colored buttons (vintage ones would even be better) and use them for tie backs for your curtains..not all my idea on the latter one, except for the vintage look. I saw it on the Country Living site.


Over at Vanilla Joy, she has used old mason jars

for storage, which is a very good idea to have these things out for easy access. Too add to this you could have a shelf on the wall, look for different shaped jars with colorful lids and attach to the bottom of the shelf to store buttons in.


Wonder how many of us would use a chalk board wall to write out notes on or a place to draw our quilt designs on.

Well!!!!!!!!!!!!ain’t this spiffy…is that a word? Great organization tips and ideas…just take a good look hereĀ  at Organized Home. Be sure to check out her other ideas.


A to die for rooooommmmmm to sew in over at Designs in Stitches…WOWOW




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