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Creative minds!!!

Are these not the cutest creations you have ever seen…

The blog is called gooseflesh….so creative and mysterious. Love the creative mind of this person who is from Australia. Would love to see what type of hat could be created with this concept and have them setting around my sewing room!!!!!



Loralie Design Stamps!

What a lovely mix of posh and festive stamps over at Loralie Designs.

Click on the pictures to visit….just gotta see all she has to offer….

They all have their own personalities and could be used in so many different ways. These would be so cute on a jacket, a personal card for a friend, sweatshirts, luggage, mirrors etc.

Her fabric is to die for….FUNKY!

And look at all the different embroidery designs-these are her gypsy ones. I really like these.

Her on the mend Cancer embroidery designs are upscale.

It seems as though they just keep going and going….Loralie can keep you on her site forever just looking. Of course one of my favorites of her kits is the Fleur De Li, which Loralie calls it Fleur d’ Free.  I fell in love with Louisiana when I was there for almost a year working with my friend Marti, at Fauxscapes, doing faux finishing work.

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Want to decorate your sewing room????

Use old patterns to make a flower arrangement for your sewing room….

This would be such a great idea for a sewing room…take a small table, glue measuring sticks to the top, sit in a corner with this cute vase pattern with a couple of sewing books. idea from my friend Sue, would be to purchase some old patterns and put them in black and white frames to hang on the wall. What a cute sewing room that would be. You could find some old wooden spools and glue them to a flat board to hang items on like your jacket etc. I am on a roll here….one more..take ribbon and glue different sized and colored buttons (vintage ones would even be better) and use them for tie backs for your curtains..not all my idea on the latter one, except for the vintage look. I saw it on the Country Living site.


Over at Vanilla Joy, she has used old mason jars

for storage, which is a very good idea to have these things out for easy access. Too add to this you could have a shelf on the wall, look for different shaped jars with colorful lids and attach to the bottom of the shelf to store buttons in.


Wonder how many of us would use a chalk board wall to write out notes on or a place to draw our quilt designs on.

Well!!!!!!!!!!!!ain’t this spiffy…is that a word? Great organization tips and ideas…just take a good look here  at Organized Home. Be sure to check out her other ideas.


A to die for rooooommmmmm to sew in over at Designs in Stitches…WOWOW




What to do with those plastic bags?????


This gal has a great idea on what to do with the almost 500 billion to 1 trillion plastic bags that are consumed worldwide each year……I had no idea.

Take a look at Cristen’s blog and see what she is doing with all of them. She not only is selling them she is teaching others what to do with them. Creating, saving, selling, and sharing.

Links for other things to make with your recycled plastic bags.

Crochet Pattern

bag hat

Passion for Fashion

Nezumi World


My Recycled Bags

Check out Cindy’s blog, my recycled bags, who also is a cancer survivor.


plastic bag holder

Over at Kollegiate Hooker I saw where she had crocheted a tube to hold their plastic bags..what about using the bags themselves???? Her idea sparked an idea to share with ya’ll…now to do one.


Saddlebag for hospital bed.

Easter Sunday!

I do hope that all are blessed on this day and the Lord will watch and protect you and your families. I pray that the Lord will be with all of our military personal, police officers and firefighters who put themselves in harms way every day.Thank you Father for your Son who died on the cross for all of us. Amen.

I wasn’t going to do any computer stuff today but for some reason felt compelled to share something on this Easter Sunday.


I don’t have a picture for this one and I haven’t made one either. When I saw this idea, I actually thought about the times I have been in the hospital recovering from surgery…things were never close enough. OUCH!!!! When I had to reach or move…of course now days they don’t let you lay there for long. This would be very nice for family and friends who are in nursing homes, the hospital or hospice that don’t have a full range of motion to be able to move and get what they may need such as a Kleenex or just a comb.

Thank you Beverly for sharing this pattern with everyone else.

Passing things on is such a wonderful thing..wouldn’t it be great if every person on the face of the Earth passed something forward each day.

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