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Recycling is a good thing for Earth!

It is amazing when driving through neighborhoods before trash day and see what people throw away. We are, wasteful. I do try to do may part with anything I don’t want or need to give to thrift stores, consignment shops, or reuse/re-purpose. I saw these


made from jeans, over at Craft. They were made by Betz White. Betz is very talented on re-purposing, just check out her new book, Sewing Green



I think I will see how many recycle projects I can find and re post them in this thread. Will be interesting, don’t cha think???? Ok I’ll see what I can find.

WELLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!! I can’t believe what I found. I had started this post and every day stuff got in the way that day so I had to save it as a draft. Wanting to find some good recycle stuff to share, the first search, and this is what I found a ton of stuff….

I really do like this and I think it would be even more interesting if it has cute sayings, or places on the shirts.







I can’t believe I found this one….a site that will send you rescue vintage patterns for shipping ONLY!

This is a very sleek, classy outfit.











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