Hats-of-Hope’s first sticthin donation.

Well, this was the first class of 13 lovely ladies to contribute to Hats-of-Hope. The hats will be donated to the Donna Deegan Foundation, anchor for First Coast News in Jacksonville, Florida.

Sharon and Freda stylin

Linda, 20 year cancer survivor

Dollie, a 2 year cancer suvivor...isn't she a doll????

Nancy, pretty in pink!!

Bob and Bill being great sports for modeling.

Caroline, so graceful!

Several of the ladies cutting out the hats. Rosemary, Dollie, Cindy, Brenda, Pat and Joyce.

SEWIN SEWIN SEWIN Barbara, Rosemary and Sharon.

Barbara with her huge smile and she brought dessert that day. YUM!

What a colorful blend!





















































Some say to call our sewing sessions stitchin and bitchin, which is very clever but not much bitchin was goin on, unless one was having trouble with threading or stabbing themselves with the needle while sewing the buttons or flowers on the hats.

There are a few of the ladies who managed to miss the camera lens but they are so appreciated. One in particular, was Cynthia Ware. Things were such a buzz that day, and she seemed to slip in, sit down, started sewing the flowers on and slipped out. A big thank you to all the ladies.

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