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New Blog with my eclectic mind…..


As much as I loved this blog, and my Artistry in Faux blog,  I have come to a place that I have taken a new direction. After trying to understand I couldn’t go in all the directions I wanted with my creativity. I will continue with the hats of hope donations, but all collaboration will be at my new blog http://www.reneeseclecticcreations.com

That direction is letting my eclectic mind take me where ever my creativity leads me each day. That can either be with my photography, mixed media art, design, faux finishing, art journaling, quilting or sewing.

With having lived over half of my life, I finally figured out, I am eclectic and a multitasker (is that a word). I like that better than anything else they can think of to call it. I have to be busy doing something, mostly with some type of artistic creativity or I feel that my day has not been fulfilled.

For me, creating art is either knitting, art journaling, faux finishes, sewing, or capturing life through the lens of my camera. Other than being with my husband, kids or grandchildren it is the best therapy for me and brings such peace and joy into my life. But they are the best therapy of all.

Artistic creativity is so powerful, whether it is with canvas art, sewing, photography, or something as simple as doodling, because it can stir your soul, make you laugh, cry, arouse your sense of smell and thoughts, create moods or take you on a journey you never thought possible.

I have started several blogs about the things I love to do BUT keeping focused on one, for me, has been impossible. This is something I have learned to live with for as long as I can remember.

The best explanation I can find for my eclecticism is from a saying by Shakespeare…

“Though this be madness yet there is method in it.”


Sooooooo through the madness I will find balance by following my eclecticism at


Come join me……


“Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.” – Carl Jung

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