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Outdoor design?

A lazy Sunday afternoon, relaxing, browsing the net for a few minutes. I know this isn’t anything to do with hats, quilts, or any type of sewing but how cute..Sometimes we just gotta share what we find, no matter what it is. This would be so cute for an outing with friends or your kids party.

I especially love adding the color pink.

Recycling is a good thing for Earth!

It is amazing when driving through neighborhoods before trash day and see what people throw away. We are, wasteful. I do try to do may part with anything I don’t want or need to give to thrift stores, consignment shops, or reuse/re-purpose. I saw these


made from jeans, over at Craft. They were made by Betz White. Betz is very talented on re-purposing, just check out her new book, Sewing Green



I think I will see how many recycle projects I can find and re post them in this thread. Will be interesting, don’t cha think???? Ok I’ll see what I can find.

WELLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!! I can’t believe what I found. I had started this post and every day stuff got in the way that day so I had to save it as a draft. Wanting to find some good recycle stuff to share, the first search, and this is what I found a ton of stuff….

I really do like this and I think it would be even more interesting if it has cute sayings, or places on the shirts.







I can’t believe I found this one….a site that will send you rescue vintage patterns for shipping ONLY!

This is a very sleek, classy outfit.











Free!!! We are not alone, there are others that share!

WELLLLL this little gal, has it going on. Her talent is awesome and she has so many great ideas and willing to share some of them with us….There is nothing boring about her style or her design of fabric. I love the brightness and color combinations in just about everything I have seen of Amy’s.

Check out  Amy Butler.

How adorable. I would like to have one of these for myself, but one of granddaughters will get one instead…guess I would have to do one for both so they wouldn’t argue over it.


Saddlebag for hospital bed.

Easter Sunday!

I do hope that all are blessed on this day and the Lord will watch and protect you and your families. I pray that the Lord will be with all of our military personal, police officers and firefighters who put themselves in harms way every day.Thank you Father for your Son who died on the cross for all of us. Amen.

I wasn’t going to do any computer stuff today but for some reason felt compelled to share something on this Easter Sunday.


I don’t have a picture for this one and I haven’t made one either. When I saw this idea, I actually thought about the times I have been in the hospital recovering from surgery…things were never close enough. OUCH!!!! When I had to reach or move…of course now days they don’t let you lay there for long. This would be very nice for family and friends who are in nursing homes, the hospital or hospice that don’t have a full range of motion to be able to move and get what they may need such as a Kleenex or just a comb.

Thank you Beverly for sharing this pattern with everyone else.

Passing things on is such a wonderful thing..wouldn’t it be great if every person on the face of the Earth passed something forward each day.

Do you like free? Another hat!

I love it when I get lost in cyber space for hours and find something you weren’t even looking for. Although, I am all about hats, it is especially rewarding when you find someone willing to share their creations.

So a big hats off to ya Jill…great directions and a very cute hat. I plan on making a few of these myself to donate. I know you have suggested them for surgical hats but I think that they are stylish enough to give to chemo patients. Usually I can’t even remember how I end up at most places but this time I actually was able to back track where I had been. Lots of goodies there…….

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