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Let them know that they are not alone!!!

I am always amazed at others creativity and willingness to give.

American Sewing Guild member, Deon Maas, a K-12 art teacher created the Anti-Ouch Pouch while she was recovering from a mastectomy.


What a great project. Gather your stitchin group, bring a few food goodies to eat have some good conversation and create these pain relieving pouches, which can be done in about 15 minutes.

Directions for Anti_Ouch_Pouch


Amazing how many people there are that will share what they have with others and not ask for anything in return. My friend, Sue, told me about this site, and I couldn’t wait to share with ya’ll. I do wish there was a contact page for this great link full of free patterns, but all I could find out, was her name,which is Mary and the site is called Angelfire….

Mary if  you do come across this…we want to say thank you Angelfire.

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