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Amazing how many people there are that will share what they have with others and not ask for anything in return. My friend, Sue, told me about this site, and I couldn’t wait to share with ya’ll. I do wish there was a contact page for this great link full of free patterns, but all I could find out, was her name,which is Mary and the site is called Angelfire….

Mary if  you do come across this…we want to say thank you Angelfire.

Stay tuned!

This is just the beginning of something I truly pray will continue with all the wonderful people who have giving in their heart. When we give, it brings so much joy to those who receive, and I feel that by giving we create hope of healing.

We want to post links of patterns of  hats from babies to adults. Some will be free and links to others from across the internet that will have to be purchased.

We are in the process of other ladies and men starting their sewing groups for Hats-of-Hope in their areas to donate to. Once they have their information together I will create pages with all of their information.

Stay tuned for more to come…..

This was the beginning….First Coast News

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