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Free!!! We are not alone, there are others that share!

WELLLLL this little gal, has it going on. Her talent is awesome and she has so many great ideas and willing to share some of them with us….There is nothing boring about her style or her design of fabric. I love the brightness and color combinations in just about everything I have seen of Amy’s.

Check out  Amy Butler.

How adorable. I would like to have one of these for myself, but one of granddaughters will get one instead…guess I would have to do one for both so they wouldn’t argue over it.


What to do with those plastic bags?????


This gal has a great idea on what to do with the almost 500 billion to 1 trillion plastic bags that are consumed worldwide each year……I had no idea.

Take a look at Cristen’s blog and see what she is doing with all of them. She not only is selling them she is teaching others what to do with them. Creating, saving, selling, and sharing.

Links for other things to make with your recycled plastic bags.

Crochet Pattern

bag hat

Passion for Fashion

Nezumi World


My Recycled Bags

Check out Cindy’s blog, my recycled bags, who also is a cancer survivor.


plastic bag holder

Over at Kollegiate Hooker I saw where she had crocheted a tube to hold their plastic bags..what about using the bags themselves???? Her idea sparked an idea to share with ya’ll…now to do one.


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