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You won’t be alone in making these!!!!

Not only are you recycling but these are cute.

Can you guess what these are made of???? Old vintage sheets…Star Wars. I love em.

Check them out and the pattern and directions over at Craftstylish. I always love going there because they have some pretty nifty ideas and can think outside the box, which makes life much more interesting.


Vogue vintage patterns

I am in love with Vogue patterns, especially the vogue vintage patterns.
I remember my mom making most all of her dresses, so many of these patterns are very familiar to me…how about you? Days gone by….they have changed so much. I have photos of my parents camping and the ladies are wearing dresses similar to #23.

Hello world! You are not alone!!

Well, Hello World seems appropriate for the title, since I am hoping to do just that by introducing ourselves to the WORLD.

What a whirlwind I have been in for a couple of weeks. It all began just sewing with a few friends to an article in The Mayport Mirror, by Bill Austin, and an appearance on First Coast News all in one day.
This new adventure began on a beautiful sunny day, with my friend Sue. We headed to Jo-Ann’s for some new patterns and any special deals we could find with our coupons (which we call kupuns.) Me, being the hat freak that I have become, I found a
vogue hat pattern 8704 I fell in love with…..but was going to wait until it was on sale.

Later that day Sue finally tells me that she purchased the hat as a surprise…of course we had to go back to the store to get material. Along the way we stopped in the Hospice outlet store on Beach Blvd. in Jacksonville to see if there might be any donated material for us to do a practice run with. While we were in the store I noticed a young man with his mother helping her with a wig that had been donated. I went straight to Sue and told her what I wanted to do with the hat pattern-get some ladies together to sew hats for chemo patients. It didn’t take Sue long to put together a write up for me to post about a sewing class in exchange for hats to donate. We figured out that we could get 3 hats from 1 yard of fleece.

The ladies that participated were awesome…everyone donated hats, material, and time. It was a great gathering. Here is the article in the Mirror, by Bill Austin, whom I think did an outstanding job. He was so moved by what all these wonderful ladies were doing he called First Coast News. I can’t seem to download the clip from the news broadcast so I will attach the link to my facebook page.

It is amazing to stand back now and see how God puts His plan into action.

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